5 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer


Tulsa heat can make even the strongest lovers of summer sulk back inside their homes where the A/C blows cold, fresh air around rather than deal with the heat. However, staying stuck inside the house is never fun and for those without the luxury of air conditioning, a big dread. Take a look at the five ideas below if you want to stay cool this summer and utilize as many of them as possible.

1.    Portable A/C: For those without air conditioners in the home, portable A/C units come to the rescue. They make it easy to fill the house with cool, fresh air at a low cost and work more efficiently than fans.

2.    Patio Enclosure: A patio enclosure addition has tremendous benefits for the home. Not only do patio enclosures in Tulsa, OK give you a space to relax, unwind and enjoy life without the heat and pests, but it adds curb appeal, space, and other benefits to the home.

3.    Install a Swimming Pool: If you want to save money, visit a public pool but beware: tons of other people will be around swimming, too. The better option is to install a swimming pool at your home.

4.    Eat Spicy Foods: Sounds counterproductive but in reality, helps cool down the internal body temperatures so you aren’t as hot when the temperatures outside rise. This should be easy for fans of spicy foods but those without that taste may be able to adjust!

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5.    What do You Wear: The clothing that you wear affects the heat that you draw in from the sun and how hot you feel. Many people wear white clothing and avoid black when the sun shines at its hottest.

Use the ideas above to beat the Tulsa heat this summer.